I (Stuart Green) became interested in music from a very young age, and at age 9 I gravitated to an upright piano both my parents used to play, owing my whole interest in music to them. I later joined my high school band with guitarist and friend Noel Megan and veered off towards the bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drums, which I ended up playing for a while.

After leaving school I enrolled in an apprenticeship with Marconi Avionics during which time I went back to playing keyboards and joined two reggae bands, one from south London playing drums and piano, and the other from east London playing keyboards only.

The latter called Revelation released a single called With you boy becoming an instant hit in the reggae charts during the early eighties, eventually reaching number one for 5 weeks (with the “B side” reaching number four).

We continued successfully with top ten and twenty hit records, numerous radio and magazine appearances, releasing our first album simply called Revelation  followed shortly afterwards by our second album Variation on a theme which created an interest from the Boney-M management team. After disbanding I joined forces with our drummer Gary Dixon and our production team/label called Satellite was born, with hits It’s a serious thing, Why did love die and our second number one hit Cruising man.

We later formed the group, M.B.S (mind, body and spirit) experiencing more success with a single called Out of the blue with singer/songwriter Oliver, and sung by my good friend, singer/ songwriter and guitarist Gavin Llynch who I eventually joined up with forming a co-writing production team releasing hit singles Day dreaming and I really miss you gaining huge success on radio coupled with a music video shown on Sky TV.

Brotherly love

During the late eighties & early nineties I began co-writing with my two brothers Tony (who came up with our studio name), and Stephen Green who (along with Gavin) was really supportive of my musical career while developing their song writing techniques. At this stage my life took a new and amazing direction accepting Jesus Christ, which influenced my style & motive towards music. Bending an ear now and then to the gospel genre was compelling, opening up a whole new world!


Producing, writing, scoring, composing, arranging, mixing and programming became a huge part of my life during the late eighties to date, due to the ever emerging and advancing computer age, which I found a difficult transition with my ethos of ‘keep music live’ held close to my heart.

Until I was taken up to the West End by my brothers and friend Chris Webber to visit theTurn key music store.

Kicking and screaming all the way there & after dragging me in by my stubborn heals I’ve never looked back since!

A whole studio and band in a box! WOW!

No more arguing at rehearsals, record and re-record at a push of a button, throwing ideas down without having to call band members together (whether they turned up or not), chopping and changing, experimenting, shaping, creating music with exactly the same equipment used in professional studios!

My word! It was overwhelming and still is to this very day!  Hence the computer revolution was here to stay.

But of course it has to be said there’s nothing like getting together a group of singers and musicians vibeing off each other while creating original music!  

Working with an array of artists

Working with numerous genres of music from pop, rock, jazz, soul, funk, rare groove, neo soul, reggae, classical, drum & bass, garage, hip hop, grime, techno etc. The doorway began to open up, allowing me to co-write, produce, compose, arrange and programme for such artists as…

Brinsley ford (formally of Asward), Pablo Gad, Winston Ferguson, Sandra Reid, Sandra Dee, Jackie Mittoo, Fred Locks, Joy Mack, Fritz Macintyre (formally of Simply Red), Kim Edwards (backing singer for Imagination & Loney Listern Smith), Lynieve Austin (backing singer for M-People) Earl Robinson (bass player for The Real Thing, Boney-M), Kym Mazelle, Faye Simpson (formally of  Nu Colours) Delroy Murry (formally of Total Contrast), Toyin Adekale, Pat Hutchinson (formally of Psalms) Paula Warren (sister of Mica Paris) Martin Rowe-miller, Nataylia Roni, Sandra Godley, Elvis Chambers (backing singer of M-People, Kiekie Dee) Nathan Prime, Carmelita Smith, Bassa (poet and radio presenter), Ashley Somers (formally of Natural Mystics), Gavin Llynch, Chris da Ambassada, Sinclair, TJ (Axman) Johnson, Marky-T, Paul Sevier, John Connelly, Rommell Wallace,  Blue Bird, Gary & Iris Dixon, Araba Nunoo, Bebe Winans, (an amazing experience set up by my dear friend and fellow artist Faye Simpson) God is so good…

& numerous up and coming artists like….

Damien London, Omasan, Caroline Gardiner, Alan & Amanda Springer, Teresa Matheson, Kenny Mackay, Divine Inspirations, Michael Harvey, Pastor Paul, Roni, Faith Miracle, Pastor Yinka, Juliet Ray, Floyd Paris, Wee Brown, Anthony Williams, Anthony Hand, Edwina Jones, Sons of God, Sons of Thunder UK, Trisha Grogan, Ted Jiboye, Gideon Rogers, Jenny Springer, Bernard Johnson, Patsie Johnson, Robin Denton, Anita Chandler, Yvonne Agbandje, Alisa & Soul-man, June-ann, Antonique, Audrey Linton, Sonia Anya, Tunde Lakeson, Jane Davis, Hayley & Jeff Samuels, Rose Anglin, Claudia Parvin, Dave Stevens, Garth Andrews, George Marasimowics, Glen Powling, New Life Tokyngton Wembley Choir, Perly-May, Brian Small, Linsey Ellis, Luke Fitzpatrick, Empowered, Pastor Yinka, Danny Funkadelic, Slowmo, Lorna Green, Karen, Princess Thomas, Princess Melodica, Natasha Jones, Alisha Brown, Heva Brown, Faye Thomas, Patricia Jones, Judy Ursheila, Faith, Danny, Abi Thorpe, Phyllisha Johnson, Kene Daprodusa, Pastor Lola Brown, Wendy Ross, Malcolm Moore, Pauline Small, Jason Garner, Janet Edwards, Jaqueline, Jessica Jones, Karen Samuel, Kat Jackson, Keith (poet) Humbert Legal, Lee Gomes, Lennox, Leslie Cooper, Lydia, Melanie Afriyie, Michelle Bryan, Pastor Martin, Pastor Choa, Phill Thomas, Robbi Casacu, Rolston, Wendy Wright, Winston Winal, Abena, Arian, Aden, Apoovr, Barbara Mcgarrell, Barbara Lewis, Bernz, Clara, Conroy, Emmanuel,  Eric, Errol, Ghrymey,


… To name but a few

Recent developments

I am currently co-producing with my youngest son Marcel Green (R&B) who also does our graphic designing, (creator of our studio logo & record label,) Tony Green (Reggae) who also assisted Marcel with our design work, & Stephen Green (Jazz funk/ soul) also an artist, Andre Williams my nephew (Hip Hop) & Jerry Petgrave (Raggae).

Our studio administrator and miracle worker is Carmelita Smith, an artist in her own right.

I have recently scored ‘tile music’ for gospel cable network channels and music for a Nollywood movie which was an exciting experience for me, co-writing with Nataylia Roni.

We are considering launching a new gospel music record label with the intention of giving our clients a national & international platform for their music.

Offering them an in-house service from recording to CD pressing, distribution & promoting and artwork/graphic designing, inlays & covers, mastering etc…

Check out our Studio Brochure     


1) Our vision for 3 Chronicles Studio is to firstly seek God’s will in the every day running of the studio, allowing our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit to have full reign, praying that our hearts remain pure through Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour.

2) Being sensitive to our clients needs, (Christian or secular) always giving 100% where possible.

3) A desire to serve the community, interacting at every level.

4) Involving our studio in new initiatives.

5) To embrace technology and not fear it.

6) To be a bridge between Destiny house and Brent community.

7) To encourage and empower the youth.

8) To be an ambassador and representative of Christ.

Prime Objective

Our prime objective is to meet your brief while tending to your every needs, offering advice, expertise and support where needed. It is so important that you ‘the client’ feel relaxed in our studio environment, and by the end of your studio session are completely happy with your finished product!

May God’s kingdom come & may His will be done…

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